Fi Simplifi Credit Card

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A safe credit card has been formally introduced by Federal Bank in association with Fi Bank Account. You will receive 90% of the value of your fixed deposit, with a minimum of 15000₹. The interest rate on a fixed deposit for 400 days is 7.4%.

– No income proof needed.

– lifetime Free.

Features of Fi Simplifi Credit Card.

– Get 5 Fi Coins for Every Rs 100 Spend offline and online on weekdays.

– Get 15 Fi Coins for Every Rs.100 Spends offline and online on weekends.( Fi coins will be according to categories for more information Click Here.

Additional Features

-20% Discount on BMS , paytm movies and swiggy on weekends.

-Maximum 1000 Fi Coins per month.

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Category with 1X Rewards and No Rewards.

– Utilities , Rent , Insurance , Education , Post Office , and some other payments will have maximum !X Reward Point whether you spend on weekdays or weekends.

– No Rewards Points on Wallet reloads , gold purchase, cash advances or any Fees & Charges.

Other recommendation

– You have to see one card credit card and IDFC First WOW Credit Card as alternative.

– It has poor reward system as compare with other credit cards.

– Penalty of Rs.200 if account within a year.

– You credit card will be disclosed if your account will be closed.

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 IMPORTANT POINTS ~ 1 . The above credit cards are not available on our website.

2.This news is 100% based on research so please confirm one more time before making any decision.

3.The main motive of this page is to provide the best credit cards  information to customers through Fi Money Credit cards.

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