niyo global card

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niyo global card

The Niyo Global Card is technically both a savings account and a debit card. This savings account is operated through SBM (State Bank of Mauritius) or DCB. It is a top-tier, high-interest digital savings account that offers up to a 7% return on deposits and no foreign exchange markup fees on all global transactions.

Due to the Niyo Global card’s zero forex markup feature, foreign travelers may avoid paying ridiculous surcharges and fees on transactions while overseas and instead save up to 5% each time they use the card to make a purchase.

Throughout your trip to a foreign country, you may save a lot of money. Not only that, but you may use the card to make hassle-free purchases from overseas retailers directly from India. All businesses that accept VISA cards also accept the Niyo Global card.

To go abroad, people mostly prefer forex cards or credit cards, with forex fees generally higher. Due to this, Niyo Global Card broke the market for these forex cards by offering zero forex fees. If you are someone who regularly travels internationally for business, studies, etc., this card allows payment in more than 130 currencies.

2. Benefits

The Niyo card offers up to 7% interest to its customers, unlike other forex cards that do not offer any interest, and it is available both digitally and physically. If you want it physically, then you need funds up to Rs. 5,000 in your account. The virtual card only allows domestic transactions. Order the actual Niyo Global card so that it may be scanned for local and foreign internet purchases and in-store purchases . Additionally, ATM withdrawals are possible anywhere. 

 ~ No forex conversion charges

~ free domestic lounge access, as well as for international airports that are in India.

~ High interest on savings balance

~ No TCS (tax collected at source) on spending up to 7 lakh INR

~ user-friendly app

Referral Rewards

Give your relatives and friends the Niyo Global card so they may use its perks as well. You and your referrer receive thrilling 2,500 Global Coins (worth Rs.250) for each successfully converted referral.


3. Niyo global ~ Fees and charges

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~ The card has no application charge.
~ The card does not have an annual charge.
~ On a card, there is no foreign exchange markup on overseas transactions.
~ The process of loading money onto your card is free.
~ International ATM withdrawal fees are 110 plus GST in addition.
~ Charges for domestic ATM withdrawals: the first three withdrawals are free, while the fourth withdrawal costs Rs. 21 plus GST.
~ TCS is not charged on overseas purchases up to a financial year’s maximum of Rs. 7 lakh, and 20% TCS is charged on purchases beyond Rs. 7 lakh.

The requirements for niyo global card.

To create a Niyo Global digital savings account and obtain a Niyo Global Card.
You must be an Indian citizen who is at least 18 years old.
You have a valid Aadhar card, PAN card, and Indian passport.

4. Applying for a Niyo Global Card

1: Install the Niyo Global app on your smartphone by downloading it.
2: Fill out the KYC form using your Aadhaar, PAN, and Indian passport.
3: Once your account is operational, you instantly receive a virtual Niyo Global card that enables domestic online purchases.

4:For the Niyo Global Equitas product, there is no initial investment necessary. It takes about 2 to 3 days to receive an actual Niyo Global card after ordering one.

5. Drawbacks of niyo global card.

~ Sometimes the issue comes with the acceptability of this card.

~ A 5% tax is levied on all transactions beyond a certain limit. For example, if you use this card and spend more than Rs. 7 lakh in a year, you will be charged 5% tax on every transaction.

Note ~ Apparently, as per niyo this is accordance with RBI’s rules on liberlized remittance scheme.But as far as we aware this 5% tax is not applicable in case of forex card.On other cards, we have to pay 2% to 3% tax. So apparently, this card is expensive.

~ whenever you do a transaction in any currency. The settlement takes place after 2-4 days. In this,the rate of currency moves, and you may suffer losses in it.


It totally depends on you. As we suggested that if you are going aboard for short term then it is better option for you to pursue this card. If you are going abroad for the long term, it is still a good option, but you can definitely see other traditional forex cards.

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 For opening a niyo global card there is no charges.

No the company doesn’t charge any fees for physical card but you have the initial funding of Rs.5000

As per current time there is no annual charges.Anytime charges update will be come.

There is no forex markup charges in niyo global card.

No. there is no account loading charges in niyo global card.

Yes, you can definitely use the Niyo Global Card in Dubai as well as in other countries in which this card is accessible.

Even if using a forex card is preferable to using cash, there are a number of fees involved that might have an impact on your spending plan. As a result, a lot of international tourists choose foreign exchange debit cards. Niyo Global Card may be the best option if you’re looking for a trustworthy travel card.

Niyo has been the most severely damaged fintech startup. The business provides its Niyo Global Card, a currency card that has an exclusive relationship with SBM Bank.


The RBI’s directives led to the suspension of Forex Global Card transactions.

To ensure that you may use your card whenever you want, it is a good idea to keep a balance of at least INR 10,000.

Niyo global card is accepted in 150 countries . such as Uk,US etc

In comparision ~scapia credit card

 NOTEThe information given above is based 100% on research. Please conduct thorough research before selecting a credit card. We are not responsible if there is any loss caused by this information.

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