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Slice is a multifaceted digital lending platform that offers the Slice Credit Card in association with many NBFCs. With this card, you may earn rewards equal to up to 2% cashback on each transaction. Their credit limit ranges from 2000 to 10 lakh rupees. This option is suitable for those who are new to credit because the qualifying requirements are lax. Additionally, none of these advantages require an annual or joining fee to be used. To learn more about the Slice credit care


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Benefits of slice credit card

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1 Get immediate rewards of up to 2% on each transaction.

2 By choosing EMI, you can make any purchase and pay off your debt in a few months.

3 Starting with a credit limit of Rs . 2,000 up to Rs. 10 lakh

4 Weekly news dealing with Slice Spark accepted at 99.95% of stores nationwide.

5 Take notes or add tags to divide the bill among friends.

6 Rental convenience charge discount of up to Rs. 300 per month for transactions made through PhonePe and NoBroker that total less than Rs. 10000

7 No initiation or yearly costs


How do i apply online for a slice credit card?

You may download the Slice app on an iOS or Android smartphone.

You may also download the Slice app by going to the official Slice website at https://www.sliceit.com/, clicking on the ‘Apply Now’ button, and scanning the QR Code.

Select the Slice credit card login and adhere to the app’s directions for applying for a Slice credit card.

Is slice credit card safe and legal in india?

Slice credit card services are 100% safe. According to many sources with knowledge of the situation who spoke to ET, the Reserve Bank of India has granted the card-fintech platform Slice a licence for prepaid payment instruments (PPI). This follows pressure placed on the fintech company earlier this year after the banking authority forbade credit lines from being put on prepaid cards.

which bank credit card is slice?

Slice is an SBM bank-powered BNPL (buy now, pay later) card.

Fees and charges.

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The Slice Super Card has no initiation or yearly fees and is free for life.

On the Slice Credit Card, there are no interest rates.

Slice Credit Card does not permit foreign purchases or cash withdrawals because it is not a true credit card but rather more of a buy now, pay later card. As a result, there is no markup cost for currency withdrawals. For more information click here


Joining/Renewal Fee – Nil (Lifetime free card)

Card Replacement Fee – Rs. 500ATM 

Cash Withdrawal Charges – Rs. 50 

ATM Charges other than Cash Withdrawal – Rs. 25

International transactions are not allowed with this card.

Slice credit card eligibility.

1. The candidate must be at least 18 years old.

2. To apply for a Slice visa card, the candidate must be an Indian citizen.

3. Either the candidate is working on a salary or they are self-employed.

4. To repay the loan, the applicant must have a consistent monthly income stream.


Contact the Slice Customer Care staff via phone, chat, or email to cancel a credit card account. Before you delete your account, be sure there are no unpaid card charges and no amount due. To close your account, adhere to the instructions given by the customer service staff.



Interestingly, there is no “minimum balance” option on the Slice credit card. As a result, there is a 5-day grace period to pay the unexpected amount; however, if it is not paid by the deadline, it will be converted to an EMI with a maximum 12-month payback duration.

What Is Slice Credit Card Emi Calculator?

The EMI on your credit card debt is calculated using a formula supplied by the online calculator Slice Credit Card EMI. It’s a calculator that also provides you with the interest rate on your loan. The calculator will give you the answers in a matter of seconds with only a few simple inputs. Manually calculating EMI or interest will no longer be necessary thanks to the calculator. click here to calculate.

If payments are not made in full, there will be 36% interest.?
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Slice, a fintech firm supported by Tiger Global, has announced that consumers will be charged 36 percent interest for repayments made in more than one installment, a change from its prior interest-free “Pay-in-3” programme.
After the RBI stated that offering credit using prepaid payment devices like the Slice card is prohibited, the business also stated that the credit limits are issued through its partner NBFCs.
While Slice’s interest-free feature, dubbed the “challenger card,” was designed to give credit to underserved clients who were not tended to by bank credit cards, the most recent adjustment has made the product appear to be quite similar to a credit card.



How to close slice credit card permanently?
  • Please note that deleting the slice account is a permanent activity, and you will not be able to use any of the slice products (slice mini, slice borrow, and UPI) in the future. If you have any active UPI mandates, please deactivate them before proceeding with the permanent deletion of your slice account.

  • Please ensure that you have withdrawn all funds from your Slice Mini account before confirming your account deletion request. Once your account is deleted, you cannot access the funds in your Slice Mini account.

  • If you are awaiting any refunds, you may not receive the refund once the account is closed. Also, make sure there are no outstanding repayments. If you would still like to proceed, please reach out to our customer support for more help. We will assist you in permanently deleting your slice account.
drawback of slice credit card.

~ The Slice credit card application requests access to the camera, images, location, contacts, etc.

~The process of cancelling credit cards is a little slow because customer service isn’t as active.

~In comparison to other cards, slice credit cards offer lower reward returns.

~You must connect your social networking accounts in order to get approved for a credit card.



If you don’t have any credit history and want to start building it, the Slice Credit Card is a respectable choice. You can effortlessly apply for this credit card without providing any supporting documents or evidence of income. The 2% quick reward rate may not be the best feature of this card, though.

The tough competitor of slice credit card are Flipkart credit card, simpl Pay, OneCard, KreditBee ,LazyPay, and ZestMoney.

Due to their low income and Cibil Score, a lot of people in India struggle to quickly get approved for a credit card. To readily obtain a credit card, you must maintain a Cibil Score of 750 or higher. You can apply for the Slice Super Credit Card, which just requires a minimum age of 18, if you don’t have such a credit score. On the other side, it comes with a number of advantages and has a large credit limit. The application fee and renewal cost for this credit card are also waived. You can divide payments into three installments with this credit card without facing any additional fees.

Yes, you can use your Slice credit card for international transactions. However, it is advised to carefully inform the Slice team and follow their instructions.


Rajan Bajaj – Founder & CEO 

As per research they are charging 3% processing fees.

When you use Slice services, your personal and financial information is encrypted securely to keep both your money and information secure. No one else will have access to your financial information.

Here, the conclusion is crystal clear. Get it if you’re a student to start raising your credit score. Since they have offers, I would also advise getting this if you already have credit cards. Other than what you spend, there are no further fees associated with the card. Additionally, unlike other cards, closing this one only requires deactivating it from the app. Additionally, they offer a referral programme in which you receive $500 for each approval.


NOTE ~The information given above is based 100% on research. Please conduct thorough research before selecting a credit card. We are not responsible if there is any loss caused by this information.

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